Научните обяснения зад 25 странни реакции на тялото

Науката отключва мистериите зад странните и неясни неща, които телата ни правят всеки ден.

Пръстите ви се набръчкват във водата

Blood vessel constriction is to blame for making your fingers and toes look like prunes after you step out of the shower. As water starts to seep in your skin, the upper layers of the skin swell up. This water permeation causes the nerves in your skin to fire off electrical charges and chemicals, which make the blood vessels constrict. A negative pressure from your narrowed blood vessels pulls down the upper layers of your skin to create the wrinkles you see on your fingertips and toes. Evolutionary experts are finding evidence that it may have actually helped humans to grip objects better when in water